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Dedicated Elite Soldiers and Mortal Kombat

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READ FIRST: The Rules (yes, you! read this!)

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• Be Courteous to others. Constructive criticism is generally welcome and encouraged, but starting fights and being rude is not productive.

• Questionable material is not allowed. We're mostly all adults here, but there are exceptions. A general rule of thumb is, if you have you ask yourself if it's questionable or not, don't post it.

• Do not discuss sensitive Alliance issues in public forums. This is just common sense, and helps protect us. If it's being discussed privately, there's obviously a reason for it.

• Don't reply to very old threads. Also known as "reviving" or "resuscitating" old/dead threads. Also called "necroposting" ewww ... If there has been no discussion in a thread for, say, 3 months... then it is dead.

• You must make sense. Tiping lyk thz iz n0t kewl.


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