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Dedicated Elite Soldiers and Mortal Kombat

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1DES BF POLICY Empty DES BF POLICY Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:20 pm


Yes we have our very own Boy Friend policy mkay?

This is only a guideline of generally agreed upon policies from DES but they are not RULES by any means, every member in DES can enforce his or her own way of playing just remember the more rules the more retarded the game gets so try to take things lightly!


Attacks In-chain ARE allowed for the purpose of keeping gold within the chain. However attacks are subject to Farming policy unless otherwise agreed upon with the other member.

No sabs are allowed against in-chain members (except fake sabing), if you have any issues with In-chain members please use the appropriate forum.

Out of chain

These guidelines need to be observed:

1) Farming:
- We allow 1hit per 12 hours with no restrictions per weekly limit

Punishment:[/b] 24h sab period any retaliation is considered unwarranted sabs.

[b] 2) Low Hits:

- The formula to find out someone's tbg is : 60*TFF*Racebonus ( 1.15 dwarfs and 1.2 humans, Any hit under 60 minutes of gold will be considered a low hit

Punishment: none by the chain, the defender is allowed to sab the attacker once, any retaliation is considered unwarranted sabs. However if the defender cannot sab the attacker then the defender is allowed to ask one of the Bf-mods to sab as long as appropriate messages are sent out.

3) Unwarranted Sabs/Mass:
- No sabs/Mass are allowed on DES members

1st time : 72h sabs
2nd time : 1 week
More than that will be at Leaders Discretion

4) Recruit Messages:
- We encourage DES members to create a strong relation with their members so they will have no reason to leave, no formal punishment, each case will be looked at individually by Leaders.

5) Anyone chaining DES will be automatically approved by Bf-mods till further notice from Leaders.

6) Raids
- No raids are accepted on DES members, excuses such as checking for gold are not admissible and raids are considered as attacks hence they can fall in both the Low attacks or Farming categories according to the amount of raids per a 12h period. Actions are taken according to what section they fall in.

Additional Notes

Once approved the offender will be PMed with reasons as to why actions are taken. This message will also include an option for the offender to compensate the victim with morale.
The morale Formula is: 50+(losses*# of attacks)

Morale SHOULD be asked first but if the members decides that 1 sab for a low hit is lesson enough then that's alright.

Any retaliation will be considered unwarranted and will be acted upon as stated above.

Sometimes when the offender's BF policy is different we will hold them to their own policy eg. FF members can only attack us 1x per 24h or try to work out something with the other alliance.

Conquesting is not considered as selling by DES hence all rules continue to stand while actual sells are outside of BFpolicy and any hits are considered reasonable, this works both ways.

~ Umbrus
DES Leadership


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