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Rasputin <3 DES

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1Rasputin <3 DES Empty Rasputin <3 DES on Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:51 pm

*What is your KoC name?
*What is your Stats Link? http://www.kingsofchaos.com/stats.php?id=4165012

*What is your recruit link? http://www.kingsofchaos.com/recruit.php?uniqid=vg4ft27m
*Are you part of any other Alliance?
Leader of PoTW ex leader UIA Razz and sexiest member of DES? maybe ^^
*How long ago were you recruited into DES?
age 7 i had a few DES account fakes, that count?
*What are your greatest assets?
oh, you know them ^^
Now please send a in-game message to DES-UmbrusRO so that we can validate your account!
psht you know it's me you nubcake Razz
Enjoy your stay Smile

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2Rasputin <3 DES Empty Re: Rasputin <3 DES on Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:53 pm

hahahaha approved <3

Carpe Cerevisi - Seize the beer!
Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur
Rasputin <3 DES Umbrcopy
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